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Train of thought

After making a batch of blueberry yogurt multigrain pancakes, I left the dishes to simmer for a few days. Today, when I cleaned them up, I noticed that the batter bowl had a strong odor, one that cuts through the … Continue reading

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Modernist Cuisine: A Cooking Scientist’s Dilemma

Any article about science and cooking, much less one about a lab devoted to discovery and innovation within cooking, is bound to fascinate me, yet the idea of “modernist cuisine” leaves me feeling cold. The gist of the article is … Continue reading

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Inaugural Stew

A few things about beef stew: 1. It is always easy to make. I used this recipe, which, like all stew recipes, is basically “Brown beef in pan, add everything else unless it will get soggy if overcooked, cook for … Continue reading

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