Inaugural Stew

A few things about beef stew:

1. It is always easy to make. I used this recipe, which, like all stew recipes, is basically “Brown beef in pan, add everything else unless it will get soggy if overcooked, cook for an hour or whatever, add in other stuff, cook until you feel like eating.”

1a. If said recipe says “dissolve corn starch in a bowl of water before adding to stew”, it doesn’t mean you can just toss the corn starch in the stew and call it good. Unless you’re the type to enjoy lumps of corn starch (a quick Google search of “corn starch fan club” yields 36,700 results, so there’s hope for you freaks).

2. Beef stew will never not look like a pile of sick or whatever is stuck to my stove.

Delicious, delicious sick

3. I used buffalo stew meat, which smells grassy (my dad will back me up on this; it’s inexplicable) but turned out very tender.


If I die, it will be from natural causes

4. The hardest part of stew is waiting.




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I have ideas to extrovert, mostly about science, history, explosions, cooking, and the intersection of said topics.
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